Strength Training Series- 1 arm/ 1 leg row

Strength, August 04, 2016

This rowing exercise engages the entire body. Excellent for developing stability in runners.

1 Arm/ 1 leg cable Row

The 1 arm / 1 leg cable row is an extremely effective full body strength and stabilization exercise for multisport athletes. Since time and energy are always at a premium for triathletes, this exercise allows you to accomplish many vital benefits in one movement. These include:

  • The single leg stance requires the stabilizers on the ankle, knee, hip and truck to be highly active. This improves movement economy in all 3 sports.
  • The glute meduius is very active during this exercise, which is critical to running efficiency, and prevention of IT band injuries.
  • Standing on one leg, and pulling with the opposite hand creates a large demand on the oblique muscles that need to control the movement.
  • The pulling motion helps create muscle balance between the over used internal rotators (Pecs and lats), and external rotators (rear deltoid, mid trapezius and rotator cuff muscles).  This is essential preventative maintenance for swimmers.


How To Do It:

  1. Stand on your right leg with toes facing the cable, and knee and ankle slights flexed.
  2. Grab the cable that should be approximately waist height with your left hand. Make sure you are several feet away from the cables end, so that it will not bottom out as you reach forward.
  3. Reach forward as far as you are able maintain stability on one leg.
  4. then pull the cable in toward the body. Your elbow should brush past your ribs, as you retract the scapula.
  5. Finish with your thumb toward the ceiling and right under your shoulder. Pause for a full second before returning to the starting point. After all reps are complete, do the same on the other foot.


This exercise can be made more challenging by lowering in the cable, adding more resistance or increasing the amount of reach. If you do not have access to a cable system, then bands or tubing or stretch cords will work well, making this a great exercise anywhere at any time.